Terms Of Use​

Dear MyFocusLab participant,

Please find below the terms of use that you agree to by pressing the "agree", “sign-in” or “sign up” button. They're written in non-legal language to simplify things. Yet, the full MyFocusLab participation undertaking for your execution is below:

  1.  I agree to participate in the beta training program for two weeks, for at least a few minutes a day (you can use it how much you want!)

  2. I understand that I would need to install two apps on my phone (Android users; iPhone users would need to install one) and one app on my laptop.

  3. One app (that would be installed by both Android and iPhone users) would be the focus companion app. The second one, installed only by Android users, would send us reports on browsing and apps usage (such as how many times you entered Instagram during class).

  4. The browsing and app data will be used for statistical analysis and segmentation purposes only. The limited data collected will be kept confidential for internal use only and will not be transferred to anyone. 

  5. I will send you feedback during the time of the research (at times, more than once a day, but not too much)

  6. I understand that the product is at a development stage and will not post any screenshots of it.

  7. I will use it at least once as I am working on an essay or similar writing assignment.

  8. I will participate in a summary call to get a personalized report about my focus barriers.

  9. For outstanding participants, we will provide extended personalized sessions with leading focus and behavioral economy experts.

  10. You can leave the beta program, but please take into consideration that there is a big demand for it. By leaving in the middle of the program, you're responsible for taking someone else's place.

  11. And most importantly, you agree to have fun and learn!


Joy Ventures Ltd. (“Joy”)

EIR (“Researcher”)


Re: Participation in Beta Program

I, the undersigned, hereby agree to participate in the Beta Program (as defined below) conducted by the Researcher for Joy, for the purpose of evaluating a software developed by Joy for increasing focus, by analyzing the users' behavior to provide emotional analysis (the “Beta Program” and the “Beta Product”, respectively), and, in connection with my participation in the Beta Program, I hereby agree, undertake and declare as follows:

  1. I have been informed that the Beta Program may continue for a period of up to three weeks (the “Beta Period”). 

  2. For the purpose of conducting the Beta Program, I will be provided with the Beta Product. I will use the Beta Product in due care, solely for the purpose of the Beta Program and in accordance with Joy and/or the Researcher's instructions, as may be provided from time to time. Joy will allow me to continue using the Beta Product, but Joy will not commit to continue updating it and I am aware that it may stop working after the Beta Program, and as such, I expressly agree that any use of such Beta Product will be made at my sole and exclusive responsibility and liability.

  3. I will indemnify and hold harmless Joy from and against any and all damages caused by me or anyone on my behalf to the Beta Product, unless caused while using the Beta Product in accordance with Joy and/or the Researcher's instructions.

  4. The Beta Product is under development and as such, (i) I undertake not to disclose and/or publish and/or distribute, in any way whatsoever, images and/or information about the Beta Product and/or the Beta Program; and (ii) Joy and/or the Researcher make no representation with respect to the accuracy of the Beta Product's functionalities, that it will work error free or fit for a particular purpose. 

  5. During the Beta Period, (i) I will fill out, on a daily basis, if needed, a short 1-5 questions questionnaire, using Applications that I will be requested to download on my mobile and desktop devices (the “Applications”), as further instructed by Joy and/or the Researcher, (ii) as part of the Beta Program, I may be interviewed by the Researcher regarding my experience using the Beta Product (the “Interview(s)”), and (iii) I commit to work on at least one essay during the Beta Program.

  6. For the avoidance of doubt, Joy shall be the sole and exclusive owner of all rights, title and interest in and to the Beta Product and the Applications, including any information provided by me using the Applications and/or during Interviews.

  7. My participation in the Beta Program is voluntary and made at my free will. Thus, I am entitled to terminate my participation at any time during the Beta Period for any reason. 

  8. As part of the Beta Program, I acknowledge that Joy and/or the Researcher will collect certain information and data about me, such as my digital behavior, the frequency of my use of the Beta Product, including usage of browser and the Applications, and my answers to questionnaires and during Interviews, which will all be used for statistical analysis and segmentation purposes only. The limited data collected will be kept confidential by the Researcher and/or Joy and/or any third party on their behalf, for its internal use only and will not be transferred to, or used by, any other third party, without my explicit consent.


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